Buckskin Beige MK30 by Dan Miller

Front View

1962 9.8hp Merc by Bob Swenson

Front View

1967 Merc 1100 by Darrell Van Eck


1962 Merc 1000

By David Clasohmaus



1969 Merc 1250 short shaft

Darrell Van Eck


4cyl Merc by Tom Peacock

1962 Merc 700 by Darrell Van Eck


1962 Merc 100 by Darrell Van Eck

135 Merc by Darrell Van Eck



1961 Merc 800 by Frank Webber

MK 30 by Spencer Keller



Twin 1000's by Darrell Van Eck

1957 MK55E by Larry McKay



1350 by Darrell Van Eck

 63 Merc 850 by Kristian Brekke



Almost complete MK55 by Frank Weber

 1980 Merc 500 by Lee Garton



 1977 MERC 500 BY Klaus Passler

 Merc tank by Jim Kelly


Before and after of KF3by Myles Lockhart

 1964 Merc 500 by Brad Lynskey



 1969 Merc 500 by Peter Stalblad

 1974 Merc 1500 by Randy Deary(best in show)



 1959 MK55A by Chris Pichler

 1981 Merc 200 by Craig Exley



 A pair of Merc's by Jeff Hall