Vinyl decals come in two forms - with and without masking. One-piece decals have no masking on top. Decals with more than one piece are covered with a semi-transparent masking layer. For decals without the masking, at some point during the installation, you must touch the back when applying them. Make sure you wash your hands first so there is no chance of particles from your hands adhering to the adhesive. It is a good rule to handle the decal gently and as little as possible. These decals are far more durable than the water release type and they will stretch to go around compound curves, but if you pull on them too hard you may stretch them where you don't want them to and they can't be "unstretched". So even though they will not tear like the water type you should handle them with care!

The manufacturer recommends a solution of 30% isopropyl alcohol (often sold as rubbing alcohol) and 70% water in a spray bottle for the installation of these decals. Some people prefer to use dish soap in water but caution should be used, too much soap will leave a film beneath the decal, which will cause it to peel off later. The alcohol solution is preferred because it evaporates and leaves no film.

Generously spray the alcohol solution on the areas where the decal is to be applied.

For decals without the masking simply peel the decals from the backing paper. For decals with masking you have to peel the masking layer up off the backing and the decals will come with it. Peel slowly, making sure the individual pieces of your decal all come up with the masking. If any of the pieces don't lift up with the masking just push the masking back down and gently rub on the masking over the decals - when you peel the masking layer back again the decals should now be attached to it.

Apply the decal. Once you are satisfied with the alignment gently squeegee out the water using a rubber roller or some type of soft squeegee. I use an installation tool that I also sell.(see pricing section) You can also buy plastic autobody filler tools to do the same job.

For decals with masking, slowly peel off the layer. Some decals have two layers of masking that will have to be removed.

The colours on these decals are made of a resin that is heat applied to the vinyl. Gasoline will not wash them off. However, acetone will dissolve the colour, most other solvents will not. Do not use any of these to clean off your motor. The manufacturer makes a brushable clear Alkyd that I use to coat any decals that I apply. This makes them impervious to most chemical solvents. I coat the decal area as well as a bit of the area surrounding the decal (1/8 inch) to prevent any gasoline that might be spilled on it from dissolving the adhesive. See the paint section for pricing.