Reproduction Evinrude Medallions

These are decals with a clear flexible epoxy on top.
 To apply them you must use the water/rubbing alcohol mix just like the regular decals.
If it is cold, before applying use a hair dryer to gently heat the epoxy. Don't try to melt it just warm it up.
The epoxy was formed in the flat position and it wants to return to this position, fighting the action of the decals adhesive.
To assist the adhesive you need to warm up the epoxy and faceplate. If it is warm you don't need to bother heating it up.
The 1957, 1958 and 1959 are the same price, $40.00CAN each for the small and Dashplate sizes, and $55.00CAN each for the large.

The 1960 Medallions are $25.00 each and the 1958 front medallions are $55.00/pair.


1956 Medallion

1957 Lg & Sm

& Dashplate

1958 Lg & Sm

& Dashplate

1958 V4 & Lark

1959 Lg & Sm

& Dashplate

1960 Medallions

1958 18hp & 35hp front Medallions


As you can see from these pictures I'm no photographer.

I found it difficult to show an accurate picture with the reflection off of the epoxy.

They look better than these pictures show.


The small medallions are for the 5.5hp, 7.5hp, 10hp and 18hp motors. The large are for the 35hp motors. The 1956 & 1960 medallions are all the same.