Reproduction Johnson Medallions

These are decals with a clear flexible epoxy on top.
 To apply them you must use the water/rubbing alcohol mix just like the regular decals.
If it is cold, before applying use a hair dryer to gently heat the epoxy. Don't try to melt it just warm it up.
The epoxy was formed in the flat position and it wants to return to this position, fighting the action of the decals adhesive.
To assist the adhesive you need to warm up the epoxy and faceplate. If it is warm you don't need to bother heating it up.
In the background of the pictures you can see the decal before application of the epoxy. In the foreground is the final product.
The 1957 and 1958 are the same price, $55.00CAN.



Installed on a Javelin faceplate

Installed on a 1958 FDE12

Front View


Dashplate Medallions, L to R, 1957, 1958, 1959 & up. $40.00CDn each.