I send orders with the Post Office or UPS. Aerosol orders must go by UPS.

The most economical way to send small orders is by the Post Office's "Small Parcel" service.

Cost start at about $12.95CDN. There is no tracking number, insurance or a signature with this option.

If you choose this option and your package is lost or destroyed I will not replace it for free.

The Post Office has an "Expedited" service starting at about $19.95CDN.

The Expedited service has automatic $100.00CDN insurance included, a tracking number and you can get a signature for $1.50CDN.

Delivery times for Canada are,  Small Parcel 7 Business days and Expedited 5 business days.

For U.S. orders it is, Small Parcel 7 to 10 business days and Expedited 5-7 business days.


Post office shipments from a Canadian source to anywhere in Canada automatically come with a tracking number.

Likewise, shipments from a U.S. source to anywhere in the U.S. automatically come with a tracking number.

This is not the case for cross border shipments. If you want a cross border shipment to have a tracking number you have to ask for it. It will of course cost more.


The standard UPS service starts at $28.95CDN and comes with a tracking number.

Insurance is 3 dollars per hundred. A signature is $3.00CDN.

The delivery time is normally five business days.

They have a three business day service starting at about triple the price. This is however an air service and cannot be used for aerosols.



Please Note: For both the Post Office and UPS, if you do not request a signature on delivery,

they drop the shipment at your address and their responsibility ends.

If you request a signature they will make two delivery attempts and after that you have to go pick it up from their depot.

If you are not in my country (Canada), and you make a large order you may have to pay duty on it. It doesn't matter if you ship by PO or UPS.