All of the clutch dogs for Johnson and Evinrude motors from 5.5HP to 40Hp for the 1950's and 1960's are no longer available from Bombardier.

A friend who restores motors for people said that he was out of some types and down to one or two of the rest. He had a large box of worn out pieces, was there any way they could be refurbished?


This is not something you can do by hand. The distance from the centerline of the tabs to the contact face of the tabs must be equal to within one or two thousandth's of an inch.

Any greater error will lead to all the force being applied to one tab instead of being equally distributed between both. The most difficult part of this was machining fixtures that

would hold the clutch dogs to ensure that the grinding was equal on both sides.





There are two basic styles of clutch dogs on these motors. You can see the difference in the picture above. I'm calling the type on the right "Extended Core" because the core extends up to the top of the tabs.

I'm calling the type on left "Flush Core" because the core is flush with the body of the clutch dog. At the moment I can only do the type on the left, the flush core type. I will do the others later, I have to build different fixtures.

Don't ask me when that will be, I don't know the answer, other that to say, as soon as I can get it done. I will also, in the more distant future be able to repair the forward gear mating surface. From what I have seen over the years it seems that the gears are harder than the clutch dogs so the clutch dogs will wear first. If you are paying attention it can be caught before the gear also wears out.






Here is a picture of a worn out clutch dog.




Here is a picture of one that has been restored.


The cost to refurbish these is $75.00CDN each, not including postage both ways.