Announcing a New Line of Paint !


The line of Limco paint North York Marine has been selling for the past 16 years is now considered ‘old technology’.  The paint is not low VOC (volatile organic compounds ... the stuff you want to avoid inhaling) and many of the bases contain lead.   Lead in paint and VOCs are both being legislated out of use across the world.

The original Limco line is at least 25-years old.  BASF now carries a newer line of paint, just released in the last few years, called Limco Supreme Plus.  It has all of the good properties and durability of the previous Limco line without any of the bad ones.  For your health, and that of the planet, Limco Supreme Plus is one of the greenest lines of paint you can buy.  It contains no lead in any of the bases and is certified as low VOC. 

Best of all ... Limco Supreme Plus is far less expensive!!

The production cost for this new line of paint is significantly lower, so much so that we have been able to reduce our paint prices back to what they were 16 years ago.  Aerosols are now only $13.95 or $14.95 each.  See the pricing page in the paint section of our website ( ) for a full list of prices.

North York Marine will continue to offer the same two kinds of paint that we have offered in the past – an Alkyd Enamel (for aerosols or spray gun applications) and a Urethane Enamel (only for spray gun applications). Other suppliers of antique and classic outboard paint are selling either Lacquer paint (considered to be the lowest quality paint for this type of application) or Acrylic Enamel.  Acrylic Enamel should not be used in an aerosol can as it will dry but it will not cure.  Both Acrylic Enamels and Urethanes must have a hardener added to them to allow them to cure. Only Alkyd Enamel will cure from an aerosol can.

As the remaining stocks of the original line of paint are sold off they will be replaced with the new Limco Supreme Plus.  To help clear out any remaining inventory of our original line of paint we have reduced its price to match that of the new line.     

Some good news about duty costs à  In the past, UPS have advised us that the products we sell are not covered under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and are therefore subject to duty.  We have been in contact with the government and have been able to determine that with the proper documentation, large orders being shipped to the U.S.A. will no longer have duty charges applied to them.