Spray Max Aerosol with hardener

Urethane paint must be used with a hardener. It will not harden without it.

Traditionally this meant it could only be used with a spray gun.

If you added the hardener to the paint and then pumped it into an aerosol can you would have to use it immediately.

In a few hours it would solidify. Now there is a solution to this problem.

It is an aerosol can with a separate container of hardener inside it.

This way the paint and hardener stay separated until you are ready to paint.

When you are ready to paint the internal container of hardener is broken open, mixed with the paint, and you are ready to paint.

There are two down sides to this product. It is expensive and you cannot use a partial can.

Once the paint and hardener are mixed a chemical reaction takes place and the paint will harden whether inside or outside of the can.

But it is an option that did not exist before.


Spray Max can

Base of can and Activation Cap

Cap placed on pin

Pressing cap to break int. container

Procedure to activate hardener in paint can

1- Thoroughly shake can.

2- Install Activation cap on pin in base of can.

3- Invert can and press Activation cap to pierce internal hardener container.

4- Shake thoroughly.

5- Paint.