Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Will shipping in cold temperatures harm the paint?

A - No. Just make sure you allow it to warm to room temperature before using it.


Q - Will my order go out the day I order it.

A - No. This is a part time business. I also have a real job. Orders received by Thursday night will go out that weekend.


Q - What if my order gets lost or destroyed by the shipping company?

A - There is a full explanation of shipping options HERE. Shipping options with tracking numbers and insurance cost extra. If you choose not to pay for that extra security, and your order is lost or destroyed, I will not send you out a free replacement.


Q - How much paint do I need?

A - Many factors influence how much paint you need to do a job. I can't answer this question unless I have more information such as:

        1. Are you planning on using aerosols or a spray gun.

        2. Are you going to strip the motor or just paint over the old paint.

        3. What is your main objective, Cost or Quality.

        4. If you are going to use a spray gun what type (HVLP or Conventional) and size (full size or mini gun) is it? P.S. gravity or syphon type     does not affect gun efficiency. For painting outboards a mini HVLP gun is preferred.


Q - Should I clear coat my motor or gas tank?

A - I can't think of any good reasons to use clear coat. I can think of several reasons NOT to clear coat.

        1. It was never done originally. It looks too glossy and doesn't match the original finish.

        2. You will have a finish like Base/Clear that cannot be spot repaired, if you get a scratch or chip you will have to repaint.

        3. It will yellow eventually and then you will have to refinish the entire thing again.

        4. If you use quality paint and decals it's not necessary. It's extra money that you you really don't need to spend.

        5. If you hit a rock or drop something on the motor the clear is not going to give you very much protection.